International Clients

Organisations across the globe have been using Outsourcing as an opportunity to manage their operations more effectively.  The post-covid era and the recent surge in inflation has created an impact on companies and now cost control has risen in the priority of the management. One of the main strengths of India is its human capital. The availability of qualified competent professionals at substantially lower costs makes India an attractive proposition for companies in various parts of the globe.

We are based in Kolkata which has a large Professional base with a lower cost of living and this gives us an edge to provide greater value to our clients at a significantly lower cost and still make a viable business model out of it. Our dedicated team has past experience in handling international clients in various Big 4 Firms and are capable to meet the requirements of the organization.

The focus of EnServ is to help the International Clients by taking care of all the business support services so that the Management can focus only on the core activities. We provide a one-stop solution to help the Clients by taking care of all ancillary business operations.

Our range of Services vary depending upon Organisational needs. So from basic accounting and bookkeeping services to full scale CFO Services, we provide end-to-end management of the Finance function so that the Core Team can focus on the main operations.

Our range of services include :

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Business Strategy


CFO Services

Financial Planning & Analysis

Other Ancillary Services